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GWACS Armory, is located in Bixby Oklahoma, is a 07 FFL manufacturer of firearms focused on quality product and a high level of service. Our products are made in the USA.   We support the second amendment.   Many of our employees are veterans.  GWACS Armory is also a 08 FFL importer of firearms. Our flagship product is the CAV-15 MKII AR15 lower receiver.  

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12808 S Memorial Drive STE 126

Bixby OK 74008


GWACS Armory is registered with SAM. CAGE CODE: 6KRL2

CAV-15 MKII Receiver Features:

GWACS Armory, LLC, produces and sells the CAV-15 MKII, a versatile, lightweight, durable rifle that resists corrosion and impact better than traditional aluminum based AR15-type weapons.

We offer a limited life time warranty on our GWACS CAV-15 MKII 

Choice of colors.

Receiver weight (complete) is almost a full pound lighter than a many complete aluminum receiver with an A2 stock.

A1 Length Integral Stock (5/8" shorter than A2) with sling loop. 13" Length of Pull.

Uses standard AR15/M16 magazines. The wider magazine well accepts submachine gun magazines in pistol calibers. With caliber conversion upper receivers and magazine blocks.

Uses all standard mil-spec parts with the exception of the take down pins. The front pivot and rear pins are a Quick Take Down style with Detents built into them. This allows for quick and easy removal of the pins while maintaining a positive lock.

Longer life, Nylon6 resists impacts and wear better than aluminum.

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7130 S. Lewis, Suite 300
Tulsa, OK. 74136
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