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How do I order a lower receiver or complete rifle from GWACS Armory? Simply click on the product you want and add it to the cart. When done shopping go to your cart and check out. Any order that includes a firearm, CAV-15, AR15 lower receiver or complete rifle will have to be shipped to a dealer with a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealer. Add the FFL address as the shipping address and hit continue. Deselect billing address and shipping address are the same. Enter your billing information. Add any notes you want us to read. Enter your credit card. If you create an account you will be able to return and track your order to include if the FFL is received or already on hand here. Back to top

Why is the lower so tight on my upper? The CAV15 lower will be tight when you first install it onto your lower. That is by design and normal.  Over time and as you attach and detach the upper from the lower as well as being attached overtime the lower will loosen some.  This maintains the take down pin does not roll out while in use. 

How much does the GWACS Armory CAV-15 MKII lower receiver weigh? A stripped lower which comes with pivot and takedown pins is 1 lb 5 oz. A fully populated CAV-15 with the trigger group, carbine buffer and buffer spring installed weighs in at only 1lb 12 oz. Back to top

What uppers work on the CAV-15 AR15 lower receiver? Any Standard AR15 upper receiver will work with the CAV-15. Because of the proprietary magazine well design the CAV15 will accept 45 ACP grease gun magazines with an insert for the application of a 45 ACP upper. Back to top

What lower parts kit works in the CAV-15? Any standard AR15 parts kit will work in the CAV-15. You will not require the pivot and take down pins nor the springs and detents. You will not require the pistol grip washer and bolt. You will not require the trigger guard and the trigger pins. Back to top

What buffer and buffer spring should I install in the CAV-15? Standard carbine direct impingement or op rod upper will function great with the standard buffer (3oz) and carbine buffer spring. GWACS Armory manufactures and sells two carbine buffers models both come with springs. The GWACS Armory standard carbine buffer and spring at 3oz and a silent red anodized 3oz for greater performance. You can also install the H2 carbine buffer to slow the cyclic rate. If you are using a 45 ACP blow back upper you will need a 7 ounce weight and longer length buffer that is offered on our web site. If you are building a 458 SOCOM you will need to use the stiffer carbine length spring that is included with the 458 SOCOM upper. Back to top

How do I properly break in my CAV-15 AR15 Complete Rifle? You will have the best results when following the proper Break In Procedure with your new CAV-15 AR15

The procedure begins with firing one round, then cleaning the chamber and bore before firing the next round. This should be repeated for the first twenty five (25) rounds. The next step is firing ten (10) rounds followed by the chamber, bore and lower receiver cleaning. This should be repeated until one hundred (100) rounds have been fired.

Following this process will help insure proper function and increase your accuracy. After the initial break in, it will still be necessary to perform routine maintenance on your rifle to keep it functioning properly.

The GWACS Armory AR15 carries a limited one year warranty against manufacturer defect on the upper and lower parts. The CAV-15 MKII lower receiver has a separate limited life time warranty. This warranty is limited to the original purchaser only. Proof of purchase may be required for warranty verification. If you are experiencing any issues with your rifle please email sales@gwacsarmory.com.

Having parts preplaced by anyone but GWACS Armory will void your warranty. Misuse of the rifle (ex: using a slide fire or bump fire system) or lack of maintenance is not covered under warranty. Using re-loaded ammunition may void your warranty.

Ammunition Notification We do not guarantee cycling with all ammunition due to vast differences in the quality of ammunition. We will only warranty cycling with US made ammunition. We will not warranty cycling with imported, steel cased or reloaded rounds. Back to top

Are the GWACS Armory CAV-15 actually as strong as aluminum? Yes, GWACS Armory has a limited life time warranty to back this statement. We have one lower with nearly 60,000 rounds and it is still running great. It was also run over by a truck accidentally. We make the CAV-15 with Dupont Nylon 6 with glass fill. This lower receiver was designed to be a polymer lower receiver with an integrated buffer tube and fixed stock which contribute to the integrity of the product. All you have to do is go online to hear the testament to the durability of our product. Back to top

I want to paint my CAV-15 what can I use?
   Yes, we recommend either Cerakote or Laur Duracoat Back to top

Do any of your colored lower receivers match other manufacturer’s furniture? Yes. Our Flat Dark Earth, OD Green and Black match the American Built Arms and MAGPUL hand guards. We will soon be offering GWACS Armory hand guards specifically designed by competitive shooters and trainers. These will specifically match every color GWACS Armory CAV-15s offered. Back to top

Do you have a .308 lower receiver? Not at this time.  Back to top

What is up with the Zombie Green CAV-15? GWACS Armory has conducted extensive scientific experimentation to blend the most repellent color to a zombie. We are so confident in our Zombie Green Power Series Lower Receiver that we will pay one million dollars to anyone who shoots and does not kill a zombie using our Zombie Green CAV-15. Back to top

How do i become a dealer?

  1. Create a user account with password on our website.
  2. Email your username and a copy of your FFL to sales@gwacsarmory.com. We will then email you a dealer package.
  3. Once your dealer status is approved, we will assign your dealer pricing level to your account. You will then be able to order on line at your convenience. Back to top


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