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Limited Lifetime Warranty

GWACS Armory LLC CAV15 MKII lower receivers come with a limited lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects, subject to the terms listed below:

  1. Any GWACS Armory CAV15 MKII found to have a defect in manufacturing will be replaced at no cost to the buyer within one year of the date of purchase.  Buyer must provide proof of purchase at the time any claim under this provision of the warranty is made.  After one year, GWACS Armory will only replace a CAV15 MKII lower receiver based on the damage warranty below.
  2. All warranty exchange must attain an RMA number.   email sales@gwacsarmory.com with name, address, serial number and what the issue is.  Do not send prior to getting approval.
  3. All warranty exchange is subject to inventory availability.
  4. After one year, GWACS Armory will replace any damaged GWACS Armory CAV15 MKII lower receiver (stripped receivers only – receiver with no buffer, buffer spring, or trigger assembly group) for $35.00 (thirty five dollars) plus shipping.  When submitting a claim under the provision of this warranty, claimant must send to GWACS Armory the stripped damaged lower receiver along with the payment of $35.00 (thirty five dollars).  Include a return shipping label.
  5. GWACS Armory will honor the damage warranty listed in paragraph 2 above on any and all previously produced CAV15 MKII lower receivers, whether produced by GWACS Armory or any previous manufacture of CAV15 MKII lower receivers.  Claimant must abide by the requirements in paragraph 2 in order to submit a claim pursuant to this paragraph.  Further, a claim submitted under this provision will be considered the transfer of a firearm, requiring the claimant to successfully pass any background check required by local, state, or federal government, as well as complying with any local, state or federal laws governing the transfer of firearms.
  6. This warranty does not cover any unauthorized or illegal modifications made to any CAV15 MKII lower receiver.  It further does not cover any add-ons, attachments, upgrades, or any other part or accessory that is added by the buyer/owner of a CAV15 MKII lower receiver.
  7. When submitting a claim under this warranty, claimant must send the lower receiver along with any required documentation and any necessary payment to:  GWACS Armory LLC, ATTN: Warranty, 7130 S Lewis Ave, STE 300,  Tulsa OK  74136

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